FastTrack to Freedom™ offers underwater homeowners a real chance to stay in their home

Strategic Refinancing

Do You Qualify?


HomeLiberty’s FastTrack to Freedom™ strategic refinancing program is an honest, fair, and dignified solution for homeowners with severe negative equity who have decided it is in their family’s best interest to pursue strategic default.

HomeLiberty offers honest borrowers a chance to:

Our process is completely confidential and you won’t pay a cent unless we are able to help. So give us a call today, and see if we can help you live the life you deserve to live, right here at home.

Contact HomeLiberty at 617-448-6581 or by email at info@home-liberty.com

How Our Program Works

  1. Qualify

    The HomeLiberty Difference

    HomeLiberty’s FastTrack to Freedom program brings you immediately back to where you own 10% of the current value of your home.

    Doesn’t that feel better already?

    In this step we accurately identify the current value of your home and make sure we can create a mortgage that your family can afford.

    We are not interested in bringing your family from severely underwater to just a little bit underwater. We want you back solidly in positive equity with a mortgage that makes sense.

    If you qualify, you will receive a binding contract from HomeLiberty to deliver your home at 90% of current appraised value once we are able to purchase it from your borrower.

  2. Purchase

    This is where HomeLiberty goes to work to purchase your home at a fair price from your current lender. We will demand a price that allows us to make a profit and to pass 10% of real equity back to your family.

    It is important to understand: HomeLiberty cannot guarantee your lender will accept any of our offers.

    No one can guarantee both to save your house and to lower the amount you owe (see FAQ). HomeLiberty guarantees the price to you, and then we fight hard to get the banks to accept a fair offer.

  3. Sell

    FastTrack Means Very Fast

    Because HomeLiberty provides our own seller-side financing, we designed a solution no one else can touch:

    Your first 13 payments are applied 100% to principal reduction.

    With HomeLiberty’s FastTrack to Freedom, you could own 20% of the value of your home with less than a year of on-time payments and only $5,000 down!

    The protection of the written contract with HomeLiberty guarantees you will receive full title for the home you love without hesitation.

    There are no tricks. This is not a “rent-to-own” arrangement. HomeLiberty does not secretly want to keep your property, and we do not ask to share in any of your future upside.

    Because HomeLiberty understands what you have been forced to go through, we recognize it would be difficult or impossible for you to find third-party financing.

    As part of step one, HomeLiberty will have prequalified you for a fixed rate, 30 year mortgage with no prepayment penalties, and with as little as $5,000 down. (See FAQ for details.)

Pursue ALL Your Options

If you are one of the 5 million families that have found yourself owing significantly more than your house is worth, you owe it to yourself and your family to pursue EVERY available opportunity to correct your current situation.

Housing Advocacy

There are many organizations dedicated to assisting distressed homeowners.

We strongly encourage you to seek out a reputable housing advocate as you explore your available solutions.

You should contact your elected representative. They can recommend reputable housing advocates in your area.

Also see our FAQ for organizations we can recommend.

Because you are here, we know you are working hard to seek fair and honest solutions to your situation.

HomeLiberty should be part of your plan, but you should also have a housing advocate to make sure you are exploring all of the opportunities available to you.