Strategic refinancing for homeowners with severe negative equity

Re-Investing in The American Dream

Welcome to HomeLiberty

If you are here, it is likely that you are, or someone you care about is, suffering the pain of owing more on your home than it is worth. Maybe much more...

This situation is known as “negative equity,” being “upside down,” or being “underwater.” This situation is all too common.

It is estimated that 13 million families are currently underwater -- almost 25% of every home mortgage in the country today. So, you are definitely not alone.

Among these families with underwater mortgages are more than 5 million homeowners with severe negative equity (mortgages at least 25% larger than the home is worth).

On average, each one of these families with severe negative equity owe more than $130,000 more than their home is currently worth. Maybe this is your situation.

If you are a homeowner with severe negative equity looking for real solutions, you have come to the right place. HomeLiberty is dedicated to helping severe negative equity families keep their existing home.

Our Solution

HomeLiberty’s process is completely confidential and our customers do not pay a cent unless we are able to save their home!

HomeLiberty's FastTrack to Freedom™ program provides qualified homeowners with severe negative equity an honest, fair, and dignified way to keep their existing home, to reset their mortgage to 90% of current appraised value, and to start fresh with a new 30-year fixed rate mortgage.

Please see HOMEOWNERS for details, or contact us directly at 617-448-6581 or by email at info@home-liberty.com